Volunteer Update – 4/30

Hey everyone. We’re excited to announce the addition of our “Dispensaries in Florida” tab on our website volunteer drop down menu.

Please check out this list and see what dispensary’s are in your area. These locations will be valuable to us all, as locations to set up a petition drive campaign regularly. We invite you to establish a rapport with the management of these businesses and work with them in getting our petitions signed.

We’re also requesting that you keep the dispensary’s stocked with our petitions and make regular “Pick Ups” of signed petitions that the businesses are generating from within their lobby’s or waiting areas.

We will reimburse you for USPS shipment costs – if you have to mail them to us. Packets or envelopes of 25 – 30 petitions are of a minimal postage cost. Any questions – please reach out to RF Volunteer coordinator John Fischer – 561 749-9434 …. Thank you !